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Articles by North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)

(NAPS)—A big help in putting your family meals, parties and cookouts on the fast track to fun, easy entertaining can be couscous, a tiny pasta that cooks in just five minutes.

Original, whole wheat and tri-color couscous is available from RiceSelect. This versatile ingredient can be excellent in side dishes, entrées and salads such as this:

Confetti Couscous Salad

Yield: 4 servings


(NAPS)—All across the country, family restaurants and neighborhood diners are getting ready for their close-up. That’s because a recipe contest is shining the spotlight on their signature dishes—the very dishes that make their own communities proud.

(NAPS)—This summer, enjoying a sweet treat can be more than an indulgence, it can also be an opportunity to contribute to the future success of hundreds of girls. That’s the word from Nestlé Crunch, which is collaborating with Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) on a new campaign to help send girls to summer camp.

(NAPS)—It may not be the first thing most people think about when it comes to looking fit and living healthfully, but dietary fiber can be good for just about every, well, fiber of your being.

These facts may provide you with some food for thought on adding more fiber to your diet.

How To Add Fiber To Your Diet

(NAPS)—Here’s a tip for your next picnic: Don’t hold the mayonnaise. In addition to having a great taste, this popular condiment is a health-friendly product you can bring to just about any event.

What Your Favorite

Spread Says About You

More food for thought: Mayonnaise may even reveal something about your personality. A survey conducted by Synovate reveals some interesting facts about mayonnaise devotees.

For instance:

(NAPS)—Americans’ snacking is on the rise, with snacks making up about half of all eating occasions, according to a recent report from the Hartman Group. The good news is that snacking can be part of a healthy eating plan, as snacks can provide energy between meals and supply essential nutrients.

(NAPS)—Here’s food for thought: Americans love to try new things, and every year, new flavor trends are introduced on dinner tables across the country.

According to recent food industry reports, this is the year of global flavors, with strong enthusiasm for the flavors of Mexico, India and South America and a growing obsession with chilies, lemons and spices, among other flavor forays.

That means shoppers can expect to see these tasty trends reflected in new products from favored brands.

(NAPS)—More than 95 percent of Americans have cooked outdoors in the past year and 80 percent of U.S. households have an outdoor barbecue, grill or smoker, according to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association.

To help your grilling, Russ Faulk, author of “Cook:Out,” shares some techniques.

Grilling 101: Getting Started

Tame the Flame—First, choose your fuel: gas, charcoal or wood.

(NAPS)—There is a lot of information out there about nutrition at breakfast—but the truth is, a simple bowl of cereal and one cup of skim milk gives your body grains and protein to help start the day right.

The powerful combination of grains and protein in Kellogg’s cereal and milk helps recharge your body right after the over­night fast. Emmy nominated TV personality and board-certified emergency medicine physician, Dr. Travis Stork, and Kellogg’s are working together to show families how important a nutritious breakfast is.