G’s Empire Tacos rules the roost of Mexican casual food

(Brett Callwood)

By Brett Callwood

At some point in recent months, the restaurant formerly known as Eat My Taco changed management, and with that came a change of name. In some ways, we were disappointed that the silly but admittedly witty old name is gone, and in its place something far more regal. But it’s probably for the best.

The online presence is still a bit ragged because of the aforementioned change of management and name, and so we had sat at home and chosen food based on the old menu. No worries – when we arrived, the staff were super-friendly and explained the situation, and then said that they could offer us the same dishes anyway.

The Yelp reviews for the former establishment were generally great, and if our experience is anything to go by, the quality hasn’t dropped at all. This is fast-casual Mexican fare – presentation isn’t a priority as the joint has a “street food” vibe. But wow, everything is great.

We started with a sope – a ground maza base with the toppings of your choice. We went vegan with this one, so beans, lettuce and salsa but no meat or dairy. Still, the combo on this classic street dish worked perfectly.

We had a hard taco papas, or potato taco, which, based on the online reviews, has long been a favorite here. Again, nothing has changed – the combination of textures and flavors is magnificent. Much the same can be said about the soft shell taco frijoles (veggies). It’s just great.

It’s worth noting that G’s Empire Tacos makes their tortilla chips in-house, and they’re delicious. Crispy and full of flavor – you might think that it’s hard to get chips wrong, but many restaurants do.

In addition, this place has a great choice of salsas and sauces at a self-serve station. Green and red salsa, avocado sauce, onion and cilantro – all taste fresh and awesome.

Finally, we had a Protein Bowl, replacing the rice with extra beans and choosing chicken for our meat option. The beans and meat sat wonderfully with the salad and avocado, and the spicy avocado sauce added a nice zing.

There are plenty of Mexican eateries in Gardena and all over Los Angeles, but G’s Empire Tacos is a worthy addition to the culinary landscape. Drop in and try a classic favorite, or something with a fresh twist.

G’s Empire Tacos is located at 1082 Rosecrans Ave., Gardena 90247. Call 310-818-5005.