Armored guard shot during Hustler robbery

(Tex Texin/Wikicommons)

By Brett Callwood

On Thursday, Aug. 4 at ap- proximately 10:30 a.m., armed robbers ambushed armored guards at the Hustler Casino and shot one. The incident took place outside the building, immediately after the guards’ vehicle pulled up.

Lt. Christopher Cuff of the Gardena PD said in a statement that, “Upon arrival, officers dis- covered the victim, shot in the leg.” Gardena officers immediately rendered emergency medical care to the security officer. The security guard working for an armored cash delivery company was making a cash delivery to the Casino. As the security guards exited the armored vehicle, the suspects who were wait- ing in the parking lot opened fire on the security guards initiating an armored car robbery.”

According to Lt. Cuff, an exchange of gunfire between the suspects and security personnel took place and a second guard was hurt, though through “non-firearm-related injuries.” Members of the public were led out of the building and nobody was hurt. The injured guards were transported to a local hospital and, according to the police, are “expected to survive.”

The investigation is just beginning and, as of Friday, Aug. 5 when the News spoke to Lt. Cuff, there are no updates to report.

The police statement reads, “If you have further information regarding this incident, please contact Detective Ryan Sproles at 310-217-9618 or Detective Christopher Sanderson at 310- 217-9625. DR 22-3924.”