Council meeting sees teen honored, contracts awarded

By Brett Callwood

At the City Council meeting on the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 24, teenager Matthew Groveunder was honored by the City as well as Gardena firefighters for saving the life of his mother.

Groveunder applied a tourniquet to his mother’s wound and then called for help after she was injured while riding an ATV. 

A Certificate of Commendation from the City reads, “We, the Mayor and Members of the City Council of the City of Gardena, California, do hereby deem it a distinct honor and privilege to commend you for your exemplary heroic efforts and quick thinking during a moment of crisis where you helped save a life. Your dedication and enduring commitment are commendable.”

Onto Departmental Items, and a contract in the amount of $180,100 was awarded to Ruiz Concrete Paving Inc., for the Traffic Detour and Temporary Pavement for UPRR Improvements Phase of the Artesia Boulevard Arterial Improvement Project from Western Avenue to Vermont Avenue.

“Ruiz Concrete and Paving, Inc. was the lowest responsive bidder and is licensed in the state of California,” reads the staff report. “They have good and verified records of construction projects from other local municipalities in southern California. They also have satisfactorily completed nine (9) local streets projects with the City of Gardena since 2007. They will be required to meet all bonding requirements and financial standards. The tentative construction start date for this project is March 2023.”

Later, an agreement was approved between the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the City of Gardena for GTrans Solar Energy Generation / Bus Fueling Infrastructure Project.

“These funds will support the design and construction of GTrans’ electric charging station that will fuel its forthcoming electric buses,” reads the staff report. “Similarly, the funds will allow GTrans to expand its solar panel infrastructure and purchase battery storage, reducing peak power demand and overall demand on the grid to yield a cost savings for GTrans. Once signed, the agreement allow GTrans to begin developing solicitations and procuring equipment and services to move this project forward.”

Finally, an amendment was approved to the California Cities Gaming Authority (CCGA) Joint Powers Agreement to Admit the City of Bell.

“It is mutually beneficial and desirable to admit the City of Bell as a member of the CCGA,” reads the staff report. “In fact, the Board of Directors of the CCGA voted to admit the City of Bell as a full voting member on January 18, 2023.”

All were voted unanimously, with Council Member Wanda Love an approved absentee for personal reasons.