Election results certified at council meeting, and more

Mayor Pro Tem Mark Henderson is sworn in as a Gardena council member on April 9 and will serve his third term in office. He was the highest vote getter in the March General Municipal Election. (Photo by Gary Kohatsu)

By Brett Callwood

At the City Council meeting which took place on the evening of Tuesday, April 9 saw the results of the recent election certified, with Mayor Pro Tem Mark Henderson and Council Member Paulette Francis retaining their seats.

After the vote to certify was taken and unanimously passed 4-0 (Council Member Wanda Love had an excused absence), Henderson and Love were sworn in, before the council took a brief ten minute recess to celebrate with cake.

On their return, the council honored retiring police officer Luis Villanueva and his 22 years with the Gardena PD. 

A brief presentation from the finance committee showed that the General Fund is projected to bring in $1,338,511 more than the projected income of $82,002,199, at $83,340,710.

Later in the meeting, a number of contracts were agreed. Community Development item 13A called for the “Approval of Contract Services with Converse Consultants for Environmental Services Performed at 1112 W. Gardena Boulevard, Gardena, CA 90247.”

Staff recommended that the council “approve the contract services with Converse Consultants in the amount of $50,846 for environmental services” performed at that same address.

That item passed unanimously, as did item 14A, “Adding Chapter 2.70 to Title 2 of the Gardena Municipal Code relating to Statements of Economic Interest and Electronic and Paperless Filing of Campaign Disclosure Statements.”

Also passing unanimously was Public Works Item 16A, to “Approve and Authorize Director of Public Works to execute an Authorization for Crossing Improvements between the City of Gardena and Union Pacific Railroad for the Normandie Avenue Railroad Crossing Improvement Project JN 540. Additionally, approve Budget Appropriation of $110,000 from Gas Tax.”

16B also passed, rejecting all bids for the Rosecrans Community Center Project, Chase Building Demolition Phase, JN 505, and re-bid the project.”

Arguably the most controversial item of the evening was 13B, for which the council heard an appeal following an earlier decision to deny the homeowners of residential address 14408/14410 Van Ness Avenue a Homesharing Rental Permit.

Despite the pleas of the homeowners, staff reported that their permits had expired, and renovations were required before further permits could be approved. The denial of appeal passed.

Paulette Francis is congratulated by Deputy City Clerk Becky Romero on April 9 after being sworn in as a second-term Gardena city council member. Francis will be serving her second term. (Photo by Gary Kohatsu)