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Articles by James Fujita

Southern California is filled with wildlife.

Black bears come down from the mountains to take dips in suburban pools.  Coyotes and mountain lions prowl Griffith Park, the Santa Monica Mountains and other areas. Raccoons raid trash cans. Opossums and skunks visit neighborhoods. My mother’s condo patio railing is currently a highway for a handful of squirrels, but we have seen raccoons and opossums as well.

When people talk about wildlife, we tend to think of land creatures — probably because we ourselves are land creatures.

Fun fact: There are more Democrats in the United States of America than there are Republicans. (If you don’t believe me, ask Google.)
Despite this, conservatives have done better in recent “do you identify as liberal or conservative” polls. However, this is a relatively recent trend, and those same polls also suggest that liberals are starting to catch up — in some polls, liberals and conservatives are neck-in-neck.

“Pokemon Go” is the most intriguing game that I have encountered in quite a while.

Of course, the video game world has come up with a lot of intriguing games.

For example, right now, I have one of the “Ace Attorney” games on my iPad. In “Ace Attorney,” you play a defense attorney who must gather evidence, cross-examine witnesses and find contradictions in court testimony in order to clear your client of murder charges.  I don’t remember ever seeing a legal thriller/ murder mystery video game at the arcade before.

Americans love comic books and they also love animation.

For proof, just look at U.S. box office numbers.  Collectively as a nation, we’ve been going to see a lot of “Deadpool,” “Captain America” and “Batman v Superman” as well as “Finding Dory” and “Zootopia.”

One of the better places to stay on the island of Maui is now gone.

No, it wasn’t struck down by a hurricane, like the Coco Palms (from the movie “Blue Hawaii”) on Kauai. Nor was it burned by the fiery rage of Madam Pele (this was on Maui, not near Kilauea on the Big Island).

No, the destruction of the Makena Beach and Golf Resort was a completely man-made incident.

American representative democracy is a wonderful system of government, but it works best when people understand just how it works.

Take political parties, for example.  Political parties are essentially private clubs set up primarily to get members of the club elected to political office.  Because of this, parties are extremely useful — in a democracy, there is strength in numbers, and so naturally it makes sense to gather together coalitions and alliances into a single, unified party.

I found myself thinking about “whites-only” and “colored” bathrooms recently.

How on Earth did anybody ever think that was a good idea? 

Imagine trying to explain the concept to space aliens: Years ago, human beings, on the basis of absolutely zero scientific evidence whatsoever, decided that certain members of their species were less worthy than other, more pale-skinned members of the exact same species.

I spent Easter weekend in Little Tokyo.

I was actually in downtown Los Angeles primarily for WonderCon, a comic book convention by the same people who do San Diego Comic-Con every summer.

The Metro Gold Line’s recent extension to Azusa is an excellent addition to Los Angeles’ transit system.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have the chance to ride the light rail line when it opened on March 5.  It may be a little while before I get the chance.  Given that the Foothill Extension is miles from the South Bay, I’m not likely to make a lot of trips on it.

So, how do I know that the Foothill Extension is a good thing?

This may come as a surprise to some, but I just recently — as in, within the last few months or so — got into “Harry Potter.”