City Council seems not to favor short-term rentals

By Brett Callwood

At the City Council meeting on the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 9, staff presented the council with the question of whether they want to allow short-term rentals (such as vacation rentals) in the city.

Agenda Item 12A requested the council discuss the issue, and then direct staff as appropriate. If there is no law explicitly restricting short-term rentals, then property owners are free to rent as they wish.

In a brief presentation, staff described a short-term rental (STR) as “a dwelling unit which is shared, in whole or in part, for periods of 30 days or less as a way of generating rental income. [This] may include swimming pools and special event venues.”

This is being brought forward for discussion because, “The GMC does not specifically prohibit STR’s,” plus there has been an “increase of inquiries on the ability to have STR’s in the City,” and also an “increase of complaints regarding STR’s.” There are numerous Gardena-based listings on web- sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, etc.

Whether the City Council wanted to prohibit or allow STR’s, they needed to direct staff to draft an ordinance. All of the City Council appeared to be in agreement that they wanted to prohibit them due to the community not knowing who was going to be staying in a prop- erty, noise complaints, etc.

Staff will now draft an ordinance prohibiting short term rentals.