Despite loss, Rosecrans Juniors are happy to play

For many youth it was a very hard time when they had their events, including sports, canceled due to the deadly coronavirus.

After not being able to play last year, the RBI (Revival of Baseball in the inner cities) were able to get back to playing, including at Rosecrans Park, located on Vermont Avenue, across the street from Gardena Valley News.

The Rosecrans Park Junior (ages 13-14) team was rather rusty from its time off and lost to Harbor City 7-3 on July 7.

Despite the loss, pitcher Bradley Esquivel, in his first game, went five innings allowing one earned run.

Alex Cardenas stole three bases and scored one run. Catcher Marco Viveros had a run-scoring double and scored two runs. 

Rosecrans took a 2-1 lead after the first innings but could not hold it as some key errors enabled Harbor City to win the game.

On defense, shortstop Bronioia Chavann made several good plays.