Entry sign, contracts, new bingo license highlight meeting

By Brett Callwood

At the City Council meeting on the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 10, a new bingo license was granted to the Samoan Congregational Christian Church of South Los Angeles, to conduct bingo games outdoors on the parking lot area of the Lucky Lady Casino.

Representatives of the Samoan Congregational Christian Church of South Los Angeles spoke at the meeting, and explained to the City Council that they are keen to give back to their community. The license was approved with a unanimous vote.

According to the staff report, “Departmental inspections and/or investigations, as well as a background check were conducted as required by Gardena Municipal Code (GMC) Section 5.16.070. Memorandums from each applicable department or division are attached. Pursuant to GMC Section 5.16.030, the city may only issue license for bingo to those organizations exempted from the payment of the bank and corporations tax by California Revenue and Taxation Code. The applicant has provided documentation from the exemption division of the State Franchise Tax Board, which has been attached, confirming they are an eligible organization.”

Elsewhere, a contract for renewal services with Smart Cover Systems, Inc. was unanimously approved in the amount of $31,560. The contract will, “provide Active Site Management (ASM) and Warranty Coverage.”

A construction contract was awarded to Sequel Contractor, Inc in the amount of $1,471,799.50 for the Budlong Avenue from Redondo Beach Boulevard to El Segundo Boulevard and Halldale Avenue from 135th Street to El Segundo Boulevard Street Improvements Project, JN 985, for street improvements.

A further $158,976.00 was awarded to Cannon Company for a Construction Management and Inspection Services Contract. 

Finally, the council had to select a design from those pictured for the Wayfinding/Entry Sign program, with the majority choosing design number three. Council Member Rodney Tanaka said that the design was “clean,” though Council Member Wanda Love preferred number five because of the modern look which she felt is the direction the city should be going in.

A prototype will now be built, for further inspection.