Judo is still a relevant martial arts

Gardena Judo Club has classes at the Gardena Valley JCI.

Gardena Judo Club has rich history in participation

By Gary Luster

For anyone who wants to get in shape but thinks going to the gym is boring, there is the Gardena Judo Club, a place that will give you a good workout while allowing you to channel your inner Bruce Lee.

Judo, an unarmed combat sport that is derived from jujitsu, is a martial art that trains the body and mind while teaching participants to use holds and leverage to throw opponents off balance.

As part of the Gardena Judo Club, students choose their own path to success by either focusing on learning judo for competition or as just a recreational activity. No matter which path one decides to pursue, the Gardena Judo Club will accommodate while emphasizing the principles of discipline, self-respect, and confidence.

Gardena Judo Club classes are held twice a week and are taught by experienced black belt instructors. In addition, students will benefit from the training of guest instructors who teach specialized techniques and strategies that students of all ages and ability levels can understand.

Instructors and black belt members are organized into a group called the Yudansha-Kai (black belt association) and guides the Club in matters pertaining to the instruction of Judo and the administration of training.

The parents group, Fukei-Kai, takes care of the general administrative affairs of the club and are the club’s officers. They are elected annually by the members of the club. Both groups meet monthly to discuss and coordinate the operations of the club.

The Gardena Judo Club functions as a more than just a dojo, it operates as a family unit with all members and students part of the family. Because of this emphasis on family unity, all members and students participate in the smooth operation of the club including mat setup, score-keeping at local events, and organizing and running fundraising events.

Unlike football or basketball where competition and rewards are team-based, in judo, both the competition and rewards are more personal.

Judo is a team sport in that both the mind and body of the individual work together to achieve a common goal. And just as with any goal, successful achievement can sometimes be slow and plodding but with patience and perseverance, success will happen.

Judo first appeared as an Olympic event in 1964. This sport is traditionally completed in five-minute intervals. After its inception in the 1800s, it was primarily a male sport, with women not competing in Olympic judo tournaments until 1992.

Parents who wish to enroll their children in the Gardena Judo Club, will be encouraged by club members to not only attend practice sessions with their children but even may even be asked to learn judo alongside their child in order to grow their child’s enthusiasm for the sport.

The Gardena Judo Club Inc., which was originated in 1951, is registered with the state of California as a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to develop mental and physical character as well as to establish good relationships among its members and with the Gardena community through judo.

Anyone interested in the Gardena Judo Club, including new and prospective students, can send an email to newmember@gardenajudo.org. Please include your complete name, birthdate, parents names (if under 18), contact email address, contact telephone number, address, and prior judo experience (if any).

For more information, visit the Gardena Judo Club website at www.gardenajudo.com.