On-demand lawn mowing service launched in Gardena


GreenPal, which has been described as “Uber for lawn care,” is already being used in 45 states by more than 1 million homeowners.

With the Corona Virus running rampant and social distancing a communal priority, our service lends itself to be the only way to get your lawn mowed this season. Here’s why:

* GreenPal’s technology allows vendors to bid on lawns without having to visit the property and talk face-to-face with the homeowner.

* Historically, this industry has been a cash business. GreenPal eliminates the need to meet for payment and use cash that has been scientifically proven to spread not only germs but also COVID-19.

* Over 30% of GreenPal customers are over the age of 60. That demographic is the most susceptible to contracting COVID-19 and falling fatally ill from it. 

Homeowners can list their lawn care needs with their desired service date and lawn care companies then bid on the property based on the Google street and aerial images and any other details the homeowner provides. 

Then, homeowners select who they want to work with based on the vendor’s ratings, reviews, and price. 

Once the service provider has completed the job, they send a time-stamped photo of the completed work. Homeowners pay using the app and can set up more appointments.

The app has already launched in about 200 major markets around the U.S., including Tampa, Chicago, Boston, Los Angelos, Miami, and New Orleans among others.

To learn more about GreenPal, visit https://www.yourgreenpal.com/local/lawn-care-gardena-ca