Sax musician Parma returns to 2022 Food, Wine & Brew Fest

(Rick Parma)

By Brett Callwood

The 12th Annual Food, Wine & Brew Festival is set to take place on Saturday, Sept. 24 from noon at the Gardena City Hall complex. Besides the wonderful food and drink that will be available, the organizers have booked some excellent musical talent. Over the next couple of weeks, the GVN will be previewing the festival with some of these artists, starting with Rick Parma.

A Little bit of background first — how long have you been playing, and what are your career highlights?

I’ve been singing for 12 years and playing sax for 30. My career highlights are simply just [being] grateful that people continue to enjoy what I do. 

Describe your sound…

My sound is passionate. I’m a very emotional guy and it shows

Do you have any recorded output?

I have several albums of work but now I just put out singles. I don’t sell CDs anymore – my music is all digitally download-based. 

Have you played Food, Wine & Brew Fest before?

I performed there in 2021 and it was a great time – the people were super welcoming

What can we expect from your FW&B Fest set this year?

Just a lot of great music that people love already and some new music that I hope they’ll come to love.

What else do you have going on this year, besides the FW&B Fest?

Predominantly I do mostly private bookings. 

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