Marion Meadows to perform at Jazz Fest

(Patricia Wagner/Wikicommons)

By Brett Callwood

The 19th Annual Gardena Jazz Festival is set to take place on Sunday, August 28 at Rowley Park. As is generally the case, the organizers have assembled a stellar array of talent, and the News will be speaking with a number of them as the date approaches. This week was the turn of Marion Meadows, who will be performing with fellow jazzhead Alex Bugnon (interviewed last week).

A little bit of background first — how long have you been playing, and what are your career highlights?

I  got my professional start playing in the Norman Connors camp, which included: Phylis Hyman, Micheal Henderson and Jean Carne just to name a few! I certainly had many memorial highlights throughout my career. Probably too many to mention.

When and how did you start playing with Alex?

Alex and I started this tour a little over a year ago and we are now in our second year.

Describe the sound of the music you make together?

The sound’s very sophisticated. Alex and I both come from New York so therefore we bring a very exciting New York sound to the stage. We’re joined  by Poogie Bell, world renowned drummer, and bass phenom Will Gaines from Cleveland Ohio. They round out the sound.

Do you have any recorded output — together and solo?

We haven’t recorded yet but we plan on probably doing an album together soon.

What can we expect from your Jazz Fest set?

The audience can plan on an exciting set of sophisticated New York style jazz of course with the classic Alex Bugnon and Marion Meadows signature but you just have to come out and find out.

What else do you have going on this year?

At the moment I’m working on a documentary for Netflix called The Medicine in the Music about the healing powers of music. And working on a new album project to come out next year along with collaborating with several of my colleagues. So quite a few projects on the horizon – look out for great stuff coming in 2023.

Visit for more info on the Gardena Jazz Festival.

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